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Our MGK merch store was created to bring you products you can’t find elsewhere. Yes MGK merch has online Merchandise you can enjoy buying all solo design things on our store. In our store we have MGK Hoodies, Hawaiian shirts, Shirts, Hats, Tote bags, etc. We always keep updating fresh fashion beauty only for our MGK lovers. Finally, you have nothing to wonder about not clicking your favorite item into the cart. And we also provide customized services so that you could get the ones with your own design.


An introduction of Machine Gun Kelly(MGK)

Colson Baker (born April 22, 1990), known professionally as Machine Gun Kelly (MGK), is an American rapper, singer, musician, and actor. He is noted for his compositional blending of contemporary and alternative hip hop with rock. Machine Gun Kelly has been featured on many songs by famous artists such as 50 Cent and Wiz Khalifa. In 2012 he released his first studio album Lace Up, which peaked at number 5 on the US Billboard 200 chart and sold over half a million copies in the US alone. Baker's musical style has been mainly described as hip hop, pop-rap, and rap rock. His fifth album, Tickets to My Downfall, marked a change in sound and has been described as pop punk.


Machine Gun Kelly - Hotel Diablo

Delivering lyrics with the speed of a bullet train, Cleveland rapper Machine Gun Kelly experienced a meteoric rise in late 2011 when he transitioned from grinding out self-released mixtapes to working with major labels. From there, the rapper skyrocketed to superstar status, with each of his albums charting in the Top Ten. A beef with Eminem, a film career, and even some reality show appearances would follow as the high-powered lyrical rap style of albums like 2019's Hotel Diablo morphed into a driving emo-rock sound on collaborations with Travis Barker and on the Barker-produced 2020 album Tickets to My Downfall, which topped the Billboard 200. Kelly worked alongside Barker again in 2022 on album number six, Mainstream Sellout.


What does MGK Merchandise Store have?

MGK merchandise store’s collection is really big because here we don’t just have t-shirts and hoodies, we also have things to decorate your home into MGK world if you want. For example, MGK fisherman hats, MGK cards, MGK blankets, MGK canvas, MGK Hawaiian shirts, MGK phone cases, and other MGK accessories. We never compromise on the quality of our items, always sell the highest representation in the market.


The Mission of MGK Merch Store

It is the mission of MGK Store to deliver high-quality products and services that would help our customers to get the product they love. The same goes for our customers, we hope that they will find our products and services helpful in reaching their needs.


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